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When it comes to conveyancing we understand that we need partners who’s service and values mirror ours.

So we have carefully selected a panel of solicitors we know we can trust with our clients’ transactions, to ensure that they get the job done whilst providing a high level of customer service.

As clients you can expect from our partners the following:

No Move No Fee

If you are involved in a transaction and for what ever reason the move doesn’t complete you won’t be charged a fee.

Fixed Fee

We ensure that partners we recommend work to a fixed fee policy. Therefore you know at the beginning how much you will be charged. (fee will only change if your instructions change)

Dedicated Conveyancer

We understand that having that person on the phone to discuss any issues especially when you’re moving is important. That’s why you will be allocated a dedicated conveyancer from the beginning.

Cutting Edge Technology

As we love to embrace technology, we have find partners who also do. They have great IT systems in place so you can receive communication and updates in a multiple of forms

To get a quote for a sale or purchase please click here and we will get one of our partners to contact you.