What type of flooring should I put in my rental property?


I get asked this question a lot when I go out to see landlords on rental appraisal, whether it's a new property or one that comes empty. Most landlords say to me they prefer to put down a cheap carpet, but I disagree. The problem with carpet is it is more likely to get dirty or stained, and even with the best carpet washer in the world, its not gona look the same and usually new tenants request for a new carpet as stains are really off putting for them in a viewing.

A good quality laminate will cost you more as an initial investment but will have last a lot longer. As it can can survive most stains and it it can be easily be cleaned ready for the next tenant. There's also the added benefit as some tenants have allergy and Asma, so they prefer laminate flooring.

So investing in a good quality laminate at the beginning will help make the tenancy run easier and with less head ache going forward