Fast internet 'the top priority for student renters'

When selecting a rental property, having a fast internet connection is the highest priority.
This is backed up from research from Glide Utilities which shows 83 % of students look out for this feature when looking for accommodation. Whilst storage space, living close to the university and goo d transport links are listed after fast internet connection.
Having good access to bars and clubs only received 9% of students when they look for a home.

James Villarreal, Glide Utilities chief executive, stated: "The stereotype of students staying in cheap digs is no longer a reality - you’re more likely to see students today in more luxurious student developments. The standard of student living is changing, and undergraduates are looking for more, and are willing to pay for it.”
The research further pointed out students are increasingly keen to have bills included in their rent, with Glide Utilities research stating that 51.5 % of tenancy that are currently taken by students actual have this part of their tenancies. It found students are willing to pay an average of £3 more per week to ensure all major utility costs are included in their rent.

Another increasing requirement is that of having an en suite rooms, as some landlords have altered properties to accommodate this, thus ensuring more rent and their properties are rented more quickly.

The latest research from Accommodation for Students has revealed the average room in a student house now costs £82.09 per week.