Brighten Up Your Home For Spring 2017

Nothing makes us more motivated to make changes to our home than the small wonders of spring. With nature coming to life and the evenings lingering on, now is the perfect time to think about brightening up your home with subtle updates to make sure it’s summer-ready.

Emma Brindley, interior design manager for Redrow, talks us through five ways to make the most of your space during this delightful time of year.

Start from the outside

Take a moment outside your home and consider how you can turn up the kerb appeal a notch for spring/summer. Even a small lawn can look stylish and inviting with clever planting and shaping of shrubs, softened with blooming hanging baskets and classic lighting.

Let the sun shine

Open up your windows and doors at the first opportunity to let the idyllic scents of nature flow in to your home. Nothing beats the smell of freshly cut grass at this time of year and it’s a great way of naturally boosting your mood too. Allowing the natural light flood into the most used spaces in the home, such as the kitchen and dining area, will guarantee to make you smile and improve overall wellbeing.


Grow your own

Whether it’s herbs and spices planted in the garden or on the window-sill in stylish zinc containers, my favourite thing to see in the home right now is ‘greenery.’ Not only is this bang on trend for 2017, it’s a practical and positive addition to the home. Cook up a rustic, home cooked meal with the kids using your home grown herbs and teach them how important it is to invest in their hard work.

Fix it up

Now is the time to get all those little jobs done around the home that you might have been ignoring through the colder months. Give some time to fix up furniture, steam your fabrics and touch up your decorating. Think about injecting a fresh look with a feature wall. The colour doesn’t have to be stark – we love the rich, classic tones of Dulux’s Heritage Colour palette and we guarantee there’s something for everyone.

Spring styling

Use plants throughout the home as a starting point for your spring styling. Incorporate artwork inspired by nature, such as botanic prints and fern carvings, which can easily be found on the high-street. Contrasting textures are key so refresh your fabrics with new cushions and throws in light linens and chunky knits (it might be getting warmer but those evenings can still be chilly) for a look that will create the perfect sanctuary.

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